Yosi levi

Delivery Project Manager

מיזם חדש

About me

My name is Yosi Levy – i'm a project manager. I manage projects in a wide number of fields with an emphasis on project delivery and END TO END management. I advocate the Agile method and emphasize schedules, budget and quality of execution.

Why Choose me

Professionalism and creativity

Maintaining professionalism without compromise

Budget planning and management

Adherence to the budget can determine whether the project will be successful. I stick to the project budget and even try to save on the budget

Excellent interpersonal skills

The success of the project depends on team communication. I advocate positive communication based on mutual respect between the team

on schedule

Good planning and proper management lead to meeting schedules and even advancing them

reliability and transparency

The truth is the right way! I always share completely about the project - in the good moments and especially in the difficult moments

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